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Value preservation and hygiene management of treatment units—Important not only in times of corona

Treatment units have a special significance as a central working tool. Hygiene and care processes must be reliable and simple, so that the practice can run routinely and that functionality is ensured for the years to come. This webinar will precisely addresses these topics.

An excellent, continuous hygiene is essentially requireboth by law and patients. It protects not only the dentist but also the practice team and the patients. In contrast, it is often discussed that hygiene measures are partly perceived as exaggerated and that they might decrease the durability of dental instruments and equipment.  However, the opposite is the case, because the right hygiene and care ensures the longevity and value retention of your treatment units. In particular, if the practice comes to a standstill due to e.g. lost work (keyword SARS-CoV-2) or vacation.  In this webinar, Birgit Schulze, specialist for hygiene and care of treatment units at KaVo, will explain in detail which steps dental professionals have to take to be “on the safe side” when it comes to hygiene while maintaining the value of their instruments and devices.  Topics:  
  • Hygienic handling with multifunctional foot control, sensors etc. 
  • Water hygiene in dental clinicsGuidelines and standards 
  • Practical implementation: KaVo hygiene processes for suction system and patient water 
  • Surface disinfectionTried and tested 

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