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Interdisciplinary perio health: management of complex perio prosthetic rehabilitations and their follow ups over time

Complex perio-prosthetic cases that require multidisciplinary therapy often result in compromised aesthetics. Traditional treatment planning philosophies, as well as existing interdisciplinary relational patterns, do not promote the achievement of predictable aesthetic results. Implementation of a restorative-driven approach requires the development of an aesthetic blueprint that will serve as a guide through treatment. This lecture describes a team approach for periodontal and restorative treatment intended to produce a predictable, biologically sound outcome that preserves more supporting bone and restores carious and broken down teeth. The goal of periodontal treatment, when performed in conjunction with restorative dentistry, is to provide restorative dentists with a high percentage of tooth structure that allows for a supragingival margin.

An equally important goal is to ensure that an adequate thickness of connective tissue exists to create an environment more resistant to trauma and inflammation. The team approach consists of a restorative phase and a surgical phase. The restorative phase involves preparation with complete caries removal, adhesive core buildups, and provisionalization. The surgical phase involves biologic shaping of the roots and judicious osseous resection. Learning Objectives Pre-restorative digital aesthetic analysis and treatment Tissue development preparation technique for crowns and veneers Soft tissue management around teeth and implants Role of provisional restorations for achieving the right emergence profile

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